Road & Construction Equipments

Bitumen Tanks

Bitumen is transported at temp of around 170 °C to 190 °C. The heating is supplied via an array of multi-layered heating tubes that are mounted on the floor, and sides of the tanks.


Conveyor used in many industries as the standard of mechanical handling equipment’s to movable goods, products, raw goods, and other materials from one location to another, usually in the same area or building.

Steel Foundation (Skid)

When it comes to compact or modular design, our team is expert in planning and design of various skids. Along with economy, we look into various aspects like operation & maintenance, storage and transportation of these skids during our design.

Furness Oil Tank

Furnace Oil tank has Viscosity of 1500 Sec Redwood No. 1 at 100 Deg F with a fall in temperature this viscosity goes further up making oil to flow extremely hard. To meet this demand Furness oil tank suction heaters have been designed.

Fuel Tank

Steel Fuel tanks can be fabricated by welding strips of mild steel at once, forming a big hollow container. Moreover, fuel tanks are typically square or rectangular in form.


Our Company has gained expertise in the field of the export, manufacture, supply and wholesaler of Full Bag Hydraulic Hopper Mixer Machine.

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” We are purchasing bitumen tanks from Apple equipment on regular basis. The quality of the product, support, and response from the team are up to the mark. They are charging higher prices as compared to their competitor but it is worth seeing their product quality. We are a regular buyer from Apollo Equipments and we are giving full marks for their quality product.”

Managing Director, Apollo Inffratech Group