Pharmaceutical & Chemical l plant operations with Remcon RH style tablet hoppers. Hoppers are perfect for bulk transfers throughout the plant for compression, packaging, storage, and shipment. Lightweight are two-piece includes a single piece FDA-approved polyethylene hopper.

  • Stackable and rackable for lift trucks
  • Custom-designed tablet hoppers available

The 5 cubic capacities along with numerous lid style options represent the diversity needed to meet specific handling requirements. Enlarge leg options are available for most units to accommodate taller valve assemblies.

RH tablet hopper’s dense styling combined with an efficient stacking design makes it ideally suited for shipping and storing bulk materials. The 30-degree slope allows for the complete discharge of solids and tablets.


  • In-Plant Bulk Materials Transfer
  • Bulk Storage
  • Closed Loop Shipping Systems
  • In-plant Processing
  • Intermittent Storage
  • Coating
  • Tableting
  • Packaging
  • Imprinting

Vaccine Production

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