A.C. Control Cabin

A.C. Control Cabin

A.C. Control Cabin:

We are the best offering the finest range of Portable Cabins with A.C that are suitable for all onsite requirements. These are the best solution for frequent use of buildings in different locations. A.C Cabins are designed by a team of experienced engineers, architectures, interior designers, consultants, and clients. The sidewalls, ceiling, and floors of our pre-fabricated. Innovation is our forte and we strive to manufacture supply and trade excellent quality Portable A.C Home. All homes are constructed as per the specifications detailed by our financier. These Movable homes are ideal for accommodation of caravan parks or backpacker units. We are committed to the domain of manufacturing, supplying, and trading superior quality Steel Security A.C Cabins. A high-quality laminated board is used to manufacture the offered range of cabins. Also, these cabins have power coated sliding windows we are pleased to introduce all to our wide range of Portable A.C Cabins with Customized designs and specifications.  Portable Cabins are easy to relocate and move. We provide Portable Cabins with complete interiors, furnishings, and fittings as required by our clients. Portable A.C Cabins are mainly used at remote sites, construction sites, and other such places as a temporary office or set up.

  • Portable A.C cabin is environmentally friendly and easy to movable.
  • Easy construction, time, and labor-saving
  • Fireproof, non-shrinking, and enlarging work size
  • The wall and roof system combines several kinds of materials which can resist different weather
  • 10 years using lifespan.


  • Cheap to ship
  • Professional design
  • Easy to install
  • Fast construction